Sunday, March 27, 2011

Where good and evil become two gods of equal importance

The words of the devil, Satan, Lucifer, Devil, Beelzebub, Belial, Mephistopheles ... are often used as synonyms. Other names of the devil or Satan, the prince of this world, the prince of darkness, the devil, "the Bad", the "tempter", the chief of demons, the Lord of hell... In Islam, the devil is called Iblis or Chaytan.

Some considerations and supplements of course, atheists have no more reason to believe in the devil than God. The Devil and the "Good God" The coexistence, even peacefully, and to God Almighty called "Good" with evil (Evil), personified in Satan, does pose some problems of consistency in Christian theology.

To avoid making Christianity a dualistic religion where good and evil become two gods of equal importance, the Church declared at the Lateran Council in 1215: "the devil and other demons were created by God good by nature but it is they who have made themselves ill. " Clever way to release God. This is a weakness of Christian theology and his "God". Let God Almighty can no longer control his creatures, or it does nothing. Impotent or perverse choice.

Symbolic of Satan for some psychologists, Satan represents man himself and everything it contains as perversions can lead to destruction. It is also the symbol of imaginative exaltation, the principle of evil that man would in itself the most "pernicious" as "imaginative exaltation" vis-à-vis self, c that is to say, the vanity.

The serpent of Genesis symbolize the subtle desire rising from the unconscious. Seduced by the idea of becoming equal to God, Adam and Eve exalt each other. The serpent of temptation creeps in when the crack opened by the imagination.

Satan and young The many young people attracted by the concept of Satan, or even Satanism, really believe that this person exists? Would it not rather a form of rebellion against authority whatsoever against the harshness of reality, against the complexity of a society in which they appear difficult to fit.

Living in families and often exploded in a world losing its bearings, adolescents may be subconsciously tempted to look into Satanism coaching structure and that reassures them.